Products and Services
From our beginnings as a sheet metal contractor, United McGill has developed into a diversified company offering a variety of products and services through our five operating subsidiaries. We specialize in customized systems. We handle both small and large projects, ranging in size from a thousand dollars to more than ten million. Our products and services are sold throughout North America, and some are exported to many other countries. Also we have technology license agreements with companies outside the U.S.

McGill AirClean LLC
  • Electrostatic Precipitators (EPs) are used for the control of particulate emissions in a variety of industries. Applications include coal- and wood-fired boilers, wood dryers, glass-melting furnaces, steel-making processes, chemical recovery furnaces, and lime and refractory kilns. Using McGill AirClean’s unique designs, these high-efficiency precipitators enable numerous industries to meet today’s clean air standards.
  • Fabric Filters provide industry with another option for solving air pollution control problems. Fabric filters are used for applications including industrial boilers and furnaces, municipal waste incinerators, and infectious waste incinerators.
  • McGill's spray-dry scrubbers are often included with our precipitators and fabric filters in turnkey systems for solving acid gas emission problems.
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) are another air pollution control option, which provides effective volatile organic compound (VOC) control for industrial processes. Regenerators made of ceramic grid blocks recover heat from the combustion chamber, enabling the systems to operate with exceptional thermal efficiency and dependability.

McGill AirFlow LLC
  • Pioneered the use of spiral duct and fittings in the 1950s. Today we are a nationwide manufacturer of round and flat oval ductwork used for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in industrial, commercial, and public buildings. We also manufacture rectangular ductwork. Our technically knowledgeable staff, modern manufacturing facilities, and computer-aided design systems combine to make McGill AirFlow a leader in this market.
  • Offers the most advanced and diverse line of products for airflow systems, including products manufactured by other companies. Our airflow and acoustical laboratories enable us to refine our products for optimum performance. We have Duct Express™ service for our products from five plants and a national network of sales engineering offices and representatives.

McGill AirPressure LLC
  • Autoclaves, including those used in the manufacture of advanced aerospace composite materials. We have supplied some of the world’s largest and most advanced autoclave systems. McGill AirPressure pioneered a practical, small autoclave system for use in laboratories and with small process applications. This Mini-Bonder™ autoclave is used by companies developing and producing CRT screens, safety and architectural glass, and bonded circuit boards.
  • Vacuum Dryers, including rotary, shelf, conical, and chamber types, for processing materials that are sensitive to heat, and susceptible to oxidation, or release hazardous gases into the atmosphere during the drying process. These dryers are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

McGill AirSeal LLC
  • Helps contractors install efficient duct systems by supplying high-quality duct sealants and adhesives. These products are used to seal duct system joints and to bond insulation to metal ductwork.

McGill AirSilence LLC
  • Provides noise control solutions for a wide range of industrial and HVAC applications. Our acoustical products include duct system silencers, a diverse line of insulated panels for enclosures, and many noise control materials.